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Hi guys!! Most of my blog posts up to this point have been sneak peeks for my clients, which I love, and I will continue doing, but I thought that I might add a little something else to my blog! Lately I have been given more opportunities to do some lifestyle sessions, and I am in LOVE. Yes, I like the posed, perfect, everyone facing the camera shots as well and will continue to do them, I mean I am a mom... who doesn't love to look at a photo and just go "ah, we weren't crazy ALL of the time!" Lifestyle photography just evokes a different emotion. Its so REAL. I think that is why I Iove it so much. As much as I would like to say that my everyday life is full of sweet moments of my kiddos snuggled up next to each other smiling perfectly, it is NOT like that! Every child has such a unique, personality, with different likes, and dislikes. There is a certain look Micah gives me when I cheer him on, like those words of affirmation are feeding his soul, and the amazing determination in Landon's eyes as he "helps" my husband fix the car. I want to remember those things. Sometimes as a mom I get so caught up in the everyday, mundane, washing dishes, doing laundry, breaking up fights, discipline, applying and re-applying sunscreen. I don't get to see the things that an outside person gets to see. That is why I love lifestyle photography. I get to be a fly on the wall to capture the things that the family doesn't see. The looks, the moments, the interaction. I get to capture it. It is a dream job and I absolutely love it! Here are a few sessions I have had the absolute joy of capturing lately!

Last month I had the honor of being with this extended family as they celebrated the sweet life of Vera Rose. She was born with a heart defect that would take her life just 3 short days after she was born. The family new they would only have a little while with her, and they cherished ever moment, I was able to capture a sweet time with the family at the park. Seeing the way this family bonded together and loved on each other effected my life in a huge way.

Another sweet family invited me into their home as a gift to their mom for mothers day. I loved getting to capture just the everyday of the Sualy boys. It was so fun listening to Cooper and his dad recite his favorite book as he read on his bed.

I love this shot bellow, I noticed Reid laying his hand on his moms arm as she read to him. This little touch, maybe its the sappy mom in me, but it just melts my heart!

The best thing about lifestyle sessions is you don't have to be perfect! Just be you! Don't worry about temper tantrums, or little brothers knocking down your towers. It is all a part of life, it is beautiful and something you want to remember!

I will finish off this post with Sophia and Vivian. I loved getting to be at their home and photograph them playing with the things they loved! I hope you all enjoyed this little blog post! If you are interested in scheduling a lifestyle session send me an email! I would love to work with you!!!!

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